Friday, 2 September 2011

Gets good generous money lending service today that is generally reliable,safe ,filtered by International Loan Agency and also Tested and Trusted that will give out loan for Any purposes

We fund loans to borrowers with unique challenges, and who do not have the time or are unable to seek financing from traditional banking sources. We utilize our own resources to fund loans - when we commit, you may be confident of the timing and outcome we promise and we deliver on our word.

NO Rules! does not underwrite loans for a secondary market. We make the rules and use our experience to make loans happen.Simply put we are the bank our vast group of investors have been working with us for the past 16 years (formally Cal-Pac Funding) and trust us to evaluate the equity position we are taking on.We are a equity based lender ,we care not about credit scores, previous foreclosure and/or bankruptcy with us all borrowers are the same depending on down payment or the equity position we hold as collateral.

* Residential
* Construction
* $250,000 - $2,500,000
* Lot Loans
* NO FICO requirements
* Small Commercial
* LTV's to 75%
* Foreclosures
* Stated Income
* Interest only
* Multiple Borrowers
* No Prepay Penalties
* Cross Collateral OK
* Multifamily
* Office
* Retail
* Self Storage
* Special Uses
* Payments Hold backs
* Medical
* Mixed Use

Why should you choose to go with a "Hard Money" lender ? We provide financing for the following situations-

1)Bridge/ Interim Financing- The borrower needs interim financing for closing a property purchase before they can obtain conventional financing or other funds.

2)Weak Income Documentation- The borrower is either self employed or has an inconsistent work history.

3)Poor Credit- The Borrower has poor credit, a foreclosure, or bankruptcy.
Distressed Property- The property is distressed, violates compliance codes, or is in ruin.

4)Unusual Borrower- The Borrower is a trust, intra-family transfer, or non-profit

5)Unusual Property- The property is considered ‘unusual’ if not a typical residential or commercial property such as: Churches, Gas Stations, Hotels, Nursing Homes, etc.

6)Cash Only Purchase- In today’s market, to remain competitive, borrowers need to offer all cash for many properties including REO purchases.

7)Quick Closing - Often, due to bank fallout, borrowers can’t obtain necessary financing by the date of closing

Borrower EQUITY is the primary criteria. We will look at loans on any type of real estate to any type of borrower just as long as there is equity there is a good chance you have yourself a loan !!!!!!

We fund our loans in as little as 2 days with that being said we try and limit the amount of time we have available to just one state -- We fund in California , only at the present time so that you get 100% of our time and energy so that your loan funds without any complications.

What kind of interest rate can I expect from an equity loan?
Most borrowers can typically expect an interest rate of 9% to 15% for their private money loans.

We provides loans to builders and developers, investors, and owners of residential and commercial properties throughout the Western U.S. Our competitive advantage is our speed and agility in executing deals. While traditional banks and lending institutions can take several weeks, if not months, to bring a deal over the finish line, the founders of our company know that having the ability to fund quickly is imperative for real estate professionals to capitalize on fleeting opportunities. We also understand the needs of corporations, partnerships, trusts, and individuals who stand to profit beyond the cost of private capital and realize that in the end: private money isn't cheap, but it's cheaper than a partner. So call.

For more information feel free to contact Richard King at: mail address Richard King has over 16 years experience in all facets of the Real Estate Industry so you can feel at ease knowing your loan is in the hands of a seasoned professional.
Richard King

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